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Twin Obstruction Light

Obstruction lighting is intended to reduce the hazard to aircraft by indicating the presence of obstructions. Fixed or mobile objects on superstructures should be marked when they are in positions which might cause a collision risk near airports or heliports used at night. Obstruction lights are also used to indicate the presence of protruding objects near the movement areas on an airport. It may also be necessary to mark high obstacles protruding into aircraft or helicopter traffic zones. Instructions regarding these requirements may be obtained from local airport authorities or air navigation departments.

Design: Two obstruction lights mounted on supply/switching box including an inverted relay and an optional DC/AC converter (only for 48 V DC version). Only one lamp is in operation, the second one is a security spare one automatically switching on in case of failure of the first one. A reversible relay transfers the power supply from lamp1 to lamp2 when lamp1 goes out of service. The
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